Tips for selling a house in a Buyer’s Market

Jul 25, 2020

The housing market is volatile, and more houses are being sold in the sellers’ and buyers’ markets, creating a selling frenzy. Currently, the house marketing has high demand with low supply, and as a seller, this is an advantage for you if you are planning to sell a home soon.…

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The housing market is volatile, and more houses are being sold in the sellers’ and buyers’ markets, creating a selling frenzy. Currently, the house marketing has high demand with low supply, and as a seller, this is an advantage for you if you are planning to sell a home soon. We may be headed to tough economic times where earnings and property are effected dramatically by inflation, and the market is likely to favor the buyer. You may then fail to make a sell and gain profit in the shortest time possible. You should learn to maneuver your way through the harsh economic times when buying and selling a house.


Differentiate your house from similar ones on the market

Making your house a bit different will attract attention, your house may be memorable, and most buyers may decide to go for a home that is dissimilar to the rest of the houses. At one point, I have had to sell my house; the thought of standing out among the properties in the neighborhood helped me sell my home. I had custom designs that included landscaping, and I had to invest in high-grade windows. All this effort was aimed at improving the value of my home by making it aesthetic. You should, however, note that the improvements should be logical and practical, like painting a house with neutral colors that will appeal to the customers. Any improvements should complement other excellent features of your house the deck, the patio, or a swimming pool if you have one. You should be cautious not to overdo the renovation, which may increase the cost of selling your house without reasonable returns on the renovations. Some renovations such as putting a new roof or bathroom may not add so much in the value of the property you should, therefore, choose the renovation that adds value to the property.


Give your buyer a sweet deal which they will accept easily

You may add some discount on your terms to the deal to attract customers who could love to save some few dollars. You may consider covering the closing cost, and this strategy will attract more customers to your property. You may surprise that your house will have more customers rushing to view compared to other houses in the neighborhood. As long as the costs you are taking do not low the overall profit of the house, then this is a great strategy. House buyers are always looking for a good deal and this the chance for you to create one for them, this has helped me sell my house in the past


You may choose to have a transferable warranty which generally costs about $350 for a year that will cover all the home appliances. The assurance that buyers will forgo the need to replace broken appliances for a year is a good deal. A buyer will be at ease buying your home, and you can sell your house faster with such a deal.


Have a contract that allows tour buyers to seal the deal within a short period, mostly between one month to two months. Closing within a short time may motivate the buyers to choose your property over similar houses in the market. When selling a home, indicate what you willing to close the deal at, within a short period, and I think this will help sell your house faster.


Improve the curb appeal and move-in condition

If you want to sell your house, it is crucial to put more resources on curb appeal. The exterior part of your house will attract customers. The first thing a customer will notice with your home is the exterior appearance. Ensure that the external walls have new paint if necessary, the lawns are well maintained. For real estate, the appearance of the house and how it fits well with the neighborhood is vital in selling your house.


The interior part of the house should be attractive to potential buyers; also, all the doors windows electric devices and plumbing features should be fully functioning. A buyer should feel like they can move into the house immediately without requiring any further repairs. Moreover, nobody wants to fix a mess they did not create in the first place. Buying and selling houses is almost solely dependent on the external and internal appeal of the house.


Clean the clutter

Clutter distracts the buyers from the critical features of the home, and it makes the house appear less spacious. When getting rid of clutter, ensure that you do not pile it on the drawers as potential buyers are most likely to inspect the drawers. You may need to remove furniture to make your house appear spacious and put away family photos and any other personalized items. Some real estate agents may even suggest staging stops to increase the appeal of the house.


Price your house right

When I was selling my house, I had to do an online search that helped me with reasonable pricing. Sometimes you may choose to lower the price of the house, but remember that pricing your house .very low may raise an eye, and buyers may not trust your deal as they may feel like there is some dirty reason for the low price. You may also go at a loss if you price your house lowly. As a seller, it is prudent to walk in the shoes of the buyer to determine a reasonable price that does is profitable for you and not exploitative for the buyer.



Choosing an agent when buying and selling houses is a personal choice and will depend on the competitiveness of the market, pricing, and how fast you want to sell the house. Realtors who are real estate professionals will help you sell your house by bargaining with the potential buyer. An excellent realtor should be honest truthful to both the parties involved in the transactions. A realtor should promote your interest, and treat both you and the buyer to an honest deal and open transaction.


Agents charge some amount for selling your house, and it is not always necessary to have an agent as long as you can bargain a good deal with your potential client you can sell your house. Sometimes you may become emotional, and primarily if you had invested in the house so much for this scenario, you would need an agent as you are likely to make inappropriate decisions.


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“The Sell Triangle team really knows their stuff. As a seller in a difficult situation, I was able to not only get a great cash offer for my home, but we were able to close in just a few weeks! I would highly recommend this company for anyone trying to sell their house fast.”

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