Historic neighborhoods in Raleigh NC

May 25, 2020

Purchasing and selling a house is a significant investment. Before making the final purchase decision, you have to determine what you can afford, the neighborhood that suits you best, the house with the features that you need, plus many other individual considerations. You could be a resident of the homes…

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Purchasing and selling a house is a significant investment. Before making the final purchase decision, you have to determine what you can afford, the neighborhood that suits you best, the house with the features that you need, plus many other individual considerations.

You could be a resident of the homes in North Carolina, and may particularly ask yourself, what should I do first before deciding to sell my house in Raleigh? Proper preparation and careful selections of professional real estate agents can create a positive experience when selling your houses in Raleigh, NC, just as it with your houses for sale in Wilmington, NC, as well as houses for sale in Fayetteville.


Recently, Raleigh is becoming the residential area of choice for many. Therefore, selling your house in the surrounding neighborhoods becomes easier. Generally, Raleigh contains a great city life, excellent education, a booming job market, rich history, as well as exciting parks, sporting, and shopping activities, which most people enjoy.


Some of the historic neighborhoods in Raleigh, NC include:



Oakwood Historic District

Initially, when Oakwood was developed during the post-civil war era, it was considered to be a hiking area towards town. Presently, the same neighborhood is a well-developed downtown. Most of the houses in Raleigh, NC, are Victorian-style houses, the same that existed years back.


Over time, most people residing within the homes in North Carolina moved to the suburbs; hence the majority of the old houses were abandoned. Still, Oakwood Historic District is presently one of the attractive neighborhoods in Raleigh, North Carolina City. Some time back, it was designated Raleigh’s first historic district, hence listed foremost in the national record.


When you decide to buy any of the houses in Oakwood Historic District, in Raleigh, NC, you should be ready to experience serenity. The quiet streets are aligned with many trees. Also, with the many sidewalks in the streets, this neighborhood forms a perfect place to enjoy splendid evening strolls, either individually or with friends and family.



Moore Square Historic District

As you look into residing within the houses in Raleigh, NC, just as it is with other homes in North Carolina, such as houses for sale in Wilmington NC, as well as houses for sale in Fayetteville, expect more outdoor activities. Historical sites will liven up your free days during your entire stay there, where you can visit and make memories. Moore Square Historic District does not contain houses; however, this historic neighborhood will form a perfect tour destination for you and family.


Moore Historic District is famous for its two parks, which form part of the beautiful, old city plans. It is also well-known as the site for giant copper acorn, as well as for the Artsplosure festival. You cannot visit Raleigh, or reside within its neighborhood, without going to see the giant copper acorn. It is the reason behind Raleigh’s referred to as the ‘city of giant copper oaks.’


Later, Moore developed into one of Raleigh’s major commercial hubs. After the post-civil war segregation, the area was identified as, ‘Black main street.’ Presently, the revitalization of Moore’s City market has contributed to the comeback of diverse activities in the neighborhood.



Boylan Heights Historic District

When considering the homes in North Carolina, particularly the houses in Raleigh, NC, and you cherish residing in the old home designs, Boylan Heights should be one of your prioritized areas. It contains a beautiful neighborhood, with some most impressive ancient homes. The place is hilly and wooded and is situated just at downtown’s edge.


Over time, restoration efforts have led to the modification of the majority of these homes into single-family homes. However, it somewhat maintains its ancient views. The bungalow house types remain dominant within the neighborhood, often presented in the craftsman style.


Some of the architectural designs found within the streets of Boylan Heights Historic District include Dutch Colonials, Colonial Revivals/Transitional Queen Anne, and Foursquares with Colonial Revival. Unlike most of North Carolina’s custom home designs such as the house plans for houses for sale in Wilmington NC, as well as houses for sale in Fayetteville.



Five Point Neighborhoods

This area composes of the suburban community that lives a simple yet efficient life. Over the years, the neighborhood has enticed young professionals and families, who are mostly first-time homeowners. This group of residents mostly enjoys residing here because it is convenient to the interstate, has a beautiful chain of clubs and restaurants, and, importantly, composes a few-minute drive to downtown.


The houses in Five Point Neighborhoods come in different styles and sizes, which all contain an extremely lovely composite. It comprises of neighboring regions such as Hayes Barton, Vanguard Park, Bloomsbury, and Roanoke Park. All along, the Five Point destination is always considered as the most favorable of all these surrounding neighborhoods.



Capitol Area Historic District

This neighborhood forms Raleigh’s geographic center. It contains the Capitol Square, in whose center forms the Capitol building, which contains the Greek-Revival Style. As you look into buying the houses in Raleigh, NC, you are sure to enjoy your stay there due to the anticipated visits to several ancient sites like those in the attractive Raleigh’s central district. The area contains several fascinating monuments spaced out around the square, and which honors the soldiers and dignitaries of North Carolina.


The Haywood Hall, which is Raleigh’s oldest house, still exists in its original state. This house contains a striking garden, used mostly for festivities and events such as weddings. Furthermore, the immediate areas surrounding the Capitol building form peaceful patches that exhibit beauty and tranquility. You can use these serene outdoor spaces to unwind, nap, meditate, read your favorite novels, or enjoy outdoor lunches with family and friends.



Wrapping Up

We have discussed the historic neighborhoods in Raleigh, NC, that forms part of the most fabulous places to reside in North Carolina. The high quality of living there, reasonable and affordable housing, the family-friendly environment, the existing tranquility in most towns, the upcoming technology hub, the excellent economy, the growing job market, the attractive monumental sites, the striking homes, and the friendly community in Raleigh, NC all explain why the city is presently named the best place to reside in North Carolina. You are sure to enjoy your stay in Southern Metropolis.



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