Five Ways to Sell Your House Faster

Sep 7, 2020

Selling your house is not a fast process. It often takes weeks, if not months. That’s from the time that you put your house on the market, not including time beforehand doing any maintenance work, making the decisions, finding a realtor, and all the other things that go into selling…

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Selling your house is not a fast process. It often takes weeks, if not months. That’s from the time that you put your house on the market, not including time beforehand doing any maintenance work, making the decisions, finding a realtor, and all the other things that go into selling your house.  There are some strategies that you can use to sell your house faster.

Selling a house is similar to selling anything, you have to define the right objectives and do the work and get the help to meet those objectives. Common objectives when selling your house include

  • Finding the Right Buyer – You want to market your house to find someone who is going to be able to close on your timeline for the price you’re looking to get without unnecessary hassle or negotiation.
  • Getting the Right Price – Of course, you’re looking to get the right price for your house. You might be trying to get enough to pay off your mortgage or to have a down payment for your next house, or both. You want to set a price that meets your needs but it also must be realistic given the market.
  • On the right timeline – If you’re selling your house, there must be a reason, perhaps you’re moving for a job, or to be closer to family or for better schools. Whatever the reason, you rarely can sit around forever waiting for the perfect deal. You need to set realistic goals to be able to meet your needs.

Sometimes one objective is more important than the other. Maybe you need to sell your home quickly and aren’t as married to price. Of course, you never want to give your house away but you may have circumstances that make one of the objectives more important than the others.

Here are five things that you can do to sell your house more quickly. Of course, this may mean trade-offs for the right buyer or on price but, done right there are opportunities there as well. If costs money to have your house on the market.  Selling your house more quickly will save on those carrying expenses like utilities or storage units or perhaps landscaping and the like.

Get a Great Realtor

If you are going to use a realtor (more on other options in a bit) make sure you get someone who has the same goals as you. You want someone with experience and knowledge that the can put to work meeting your goals.  Write down your goals and share them with prospective realtors.

Interview potential realtors and ensure that they have the drive to meet your needs and that they are listening to your goals and that you think that they will work to meet your goals. Ask them tough questions to make sure that they have a plan and that the plan aligns with their goals. Find out how they plan to market your house. Ask for references, ideally from people in similar circumstances. Actually call those references. While you likely won’t get references from someone that doesn’t like them, you may get some insight into how the realtor works and communicates. You want someone who is working for you and that is trying to meet your needs.

Stage Your House

You want your house to look as nice as possible for potential buyers.  Consider renting a storage unit and get rid of any clutter, old furniture or anything that a prospective buyer might find off-putting. Of course the buyer isn’t buying your furniture. Your goal here is to create the nicest looking space you can so that a buyer can envision themselves and their own family living in your house. A cluttered house isn’t as nice looking and that can make your house feel crowded. You don’t want a buyer getting the impression that your house is small.

Pay for professional pictures. A professional photographer, who focuses on real estate should be able to find the best angles of your house, inside and out to look as nice as possible. Done well, you may not even recognize the pictures of your own home. The goal is to create the best listing possible so that buyers will want to come to look at your house. Your goal is to get their foot in the door.
In addition to making your house look its best in the listing and during the walkthrough, you want it to look great when they drive up (or walk-up). Make sure the lawn looks good and that the curb appeal is the best it can be. Plant flowers cut down the weeds, and make the outside look amazing. First impressions matter and buyers make a lot of their decision before the ever set foot through the door.

A good realtor should be able to help you with all this. They should be able to tell you what to do to stage your home, who the best photographers are, and the best strategies for curb appeal in your area. If you need expertise they should also be able to direct you to the best landscapers and interior decorators.

Own Your Marketing

Just because you hired the world’s best realtor, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take a hand in your own marketing to sell your house as quickly as possible. Help with marketing. Don’t undermine your realtor, but consider talking to your neighbors and friends and let them all know that you’re trying to sell your home. Let them know all the great things about it. After all, your neighbors want more great neighbors so it’s in their best interests to find you a good buyer. They also want higher property values.

Use social media to draw attention to your listing. Direct everyone to your realtor. The goal here isn’t to undermine them. The goal is to help the process. Use channels that they can’t. Advertise open houses. Sure, you might get some nosy neighbors walking through your house, which you’ll get anyway.  They may fall in love with your house and tell their friends about it.

Speaking of your realtor and open houses, make sure to manage the relationship with your realtor.  Check-in with them regularly. Ask them about interest, plans for open houses, how many people they spoke to. Push them for numbers. Ask them how many calls they’ve gotten, how many people were at that open house, when the next open house is, and what they’re going to do to get more interest. The goal isn’t to annoy them or even so much about the numbers as to communicate with them that you are paying attention and you are expecting them to do the same.

Invest in Selling Your House

Sometimes, you need to invest in a bit more than manicuring your lawn and straightening up the house.  This might be a good time for a fresh coat of paint or to finish those cabinets you never did or fix the squeaky door. If there are small projects you’ve been putting off, now might be a good time to do them before you sell. If you want to sell your house quickly, you want it to look its very best all-around. You’d get a haircut and maybe a new suit before a job interview, right?  Your house is no different. It wants to look its best for a buyer.

Sell the House to an Investor

Don’t want to invest in paint, fixing up, mowing the lawn, or all those other things?  All the things we talked about above will help, no doubt. Unfortunately, more often than not, they will take days off a process that takes weeks. In a slow market, they may even make a house sellable that would have difficulty selling. There is a way to sell your house in days rather than weeks. Of course, it comes at its own price.

In most markets, there are real estate investors that are willing to pay you in cash and close within days. These are the folks who hang the “we buy houses” signs of that have local websites. They don’t care that it needs new cabinets or that your stuff is in the house. An investor is doing this to either sell the house for more (often after investing in it) or to keep it and rent it out. They have the resources, knowledge, and experience to figure out how they can make money and make you a fair offer.

The offer will often be below what you could sell it for on the open market.  To sell it to them, you won’t need to pay real estate commissions, pay to fix things up, add paint, or any of that. They may not even do an inspection beyond maybe walking through it. They do this regularly and know what they are looking at and looking for.

This is, by far, normally the fastest way to sell your house.  The question is whether you can find a deal that works for you. It can be worth talking to them before a realtor and asking, especially if you need to sell your house really quickly for any reason.   Most investors are very professional and understand if they can’t make a deal work. They may even know good realtors in the area to work with.

Sometimes, you have situations where you need to sell that house quickly. Unfortunately, the house selling process takes time, but there are opportunities out there to cut that time down by days or even weeks if you really need to.


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Sarah D. (Durham, NC)

“The Sell Triangle team really knows their stuff. As a seller in a difficult situation, I was able to not only get a great cash offer for my home, but we were able to close in just a few weeks! I would highly recommend this company for anyone trying to sell their house fast.”

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