Attract Multiple Offers for Your North Carolina Home with These Tips

Feb 13, 2020

Written By Offer Hut

Sometimes the real estate market won’t be in your favor when you’re selling your home. Although you can try your best to keep an eye out on the state of the market, your only option is to make sure you can ensure a profitable sale even in a seller’s market.

But how can you secure a good price for your North Carolina home during such a time? The best way to get one offer you can’t refuse is to get a lot of them, letting you sift through your options until you find the one that satisfies you the most.

Offer Hut shares four ways you could use to get buyers clamoring to make their offers.

Coordinate Your House Showings

Whether you’re selling your house on your own or employing an agent, arrange it so that multiple potential buyers turn up at your property. You can do so organically by strategically putting up your listing on Friday morning. These are the peak hours for house hunters scrolling through the internet. Listing on Friday ensures that buyers turn up during the weekend in groups. Or you can just put up an announcement telling buyers when your home is open for viewing.

Gathering potential buyers into large tour-groups tells them that they aren’t the only ones interested in your home in North Carolina. It can create the ideal conditions for a bidding war, which will provide you with a wide range of offers to choose from.

Widen Your Market

Make sure your home is appealing to as wide a range of homebuyers as possible. The more appealing your home is, the more buyers are likely to make an offer. Instead of targeting a specific demographic with your décor and layout, strive for neutrality instead.

Renovating your home by using neutral color palettes makes it easier for people to envision themselves living in it. By going for an almost blank-slate approach to decoration, you invite a wider market and more offers.

Be Flexible on Pricing

Because it’s a seller’s market, you can’t afford to be too picky with your pricing. However, you also don’t want to receive bad offers. This is why you have to be flexible on the price you’re willing to settle for your property.

Determine the average asking price for homes similar to yours and list slightly below that amount. This will generate interest in your home and, combined with these other tactics, can make buyers raise the price for you instead of you imposing it on them.

Schedule When You’re Accepting Offers

Finally, present buyers with only a narrow window to make their offers. Although you should give them enough time to think about your offer, give them a short ultimatum on when they can present their offers to you. This can encourage them to make great offers instead of merely adequate ones, allowing you to take the best one.

In a seller’s market, you have to be more resourceful than ever to get the best deal possible. Finding an ideal buyer who’s willing to offer the perfect price becomes much easier when you can attract more of them.

A Price That’s Right for You

At Offer Hut, we believe that you deserve an offer for your home that accurately reflects its true value. Our team has had over 30 years of experience in the field of real estate to determine the right price for residential properties in North Carolina. When you work with Offer Hut, we guarantee that you’ll receive a price that’s right for you.

Contact us today and let’s work together to find the perfect price for your home.


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Sarah D. (Durham, NC)

“The Sell Triangle team really knows their stuff. As a seller in a difficult situation, I was able to not only get a great cash offer for my home, but we were able to close in just a few weeks! I would highly recommend this company for anyone trying to sell their house fast.”

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