How Do You Know If It’s the Right Time to Sell Your Home?

Jan 9, 2020

Written By Offer Hut

The decision to sell your home, a place that has likely been your sanctuary for years, is a major one. A lot of things go into selling a property and you have to follow certain steps to sell your house. It’s understandable that you might be wary of finally taking this step and moving on.

If you’re not sure, observe your lifestyle and watch out for the following signs that you’re ready to sell your property:

Your family has outgrown your home

The neighborhood that was great for you and your family a few years ago might not fit the life you’re living now. Maybe you chose to live there in the first place because there were good private pre-schools. But maybe it’s too far from a good high school or you’ve found a job that requires too much travel time. Maybe your kids are all off to college and it’s just you and your spouse in a house that’s too big, with mortgage and taxes to match. Or maybe your family is growing and there is not enough space in the house anymore to live comfortably.

If you can relate to any of these reasons, it may be time to sell your home and find a better fit for your lifestyle.

The real estate market is great for selling

Of course, before any move, you have to study the real estate market. And not just the national one either. Look at the market in North Carolina and see if properties like your Raleigh home are selling. You can even go even further by checking the rates of the specific locality in Raleigh. If they are, that’s a positive sign that it’s a great time to sell your home.

You’re financially ready to sell

Understanding your current financial position will help you determine if you’re ready to sell. If you’ve paid off your property’s mortgage and you’ve built up its equity to the point that you would still have a respectable profit margin after paying the expenses related to selling it, these are good signs that selling is a good move.

It could also be a way to help if you’re financially strapped or if you’re expecting big expenses in the following years. Selling your home for profit would obviously affect your current financial status positively.

Ready to Sell Your Home?

If you think any of the abovementioned scenarios apply to you, then you must be ready to sell. Don’t let your attachment to the house, or your concern about moving on to something new, hinder you from taking this step. There are lots of mistakes people make when selling a house to avoid. As long as you’re ready and take the right steps, you’ll be able to sell your house in no time.

If you’re ready to sell your Raleigh home, remember that Offer Hut is buying. We buy North Carolina homes for cash and help you and others sell your homes in the easiest, most affordable way possible. You don’t even need an agent, so you can keep more of your profit!

Contact us today so you can learn more or ring us at 919-514-1001.


What our clients are saying

Sarah D. (Durham, NC)

“The Sell Triangle team really knows their stuff. As a seller in a difficult situation, I was able to not only get a great cash offer for my home, but we were able to close in just a few weeks! I would highly recommend this company for anyone trying to sell their house fast.”

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